Breakthrough Anxiety a programme designed for men to overcome the feeling of Anxiety, Stress and Worry and begin to feel like you again.  It's extremely effective and can get you right back on track again.Our  Breakthrough Anxiety programme is delivered over 3 weeks, 6 sessions and uses a blend of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to help you start to gain control again.  Check out our frequently asked questions and express your interest by booking in for a complimentary call.



What Happens?

After booking your appointment, you’ll complete some pre-session work and make a log of the times you feel anxious.  This is important because it helps us understand your situation and tailor your sessions.  In your Breakthough Anxiety sessions we use a host of powerful techniques and aim to:

  1. Resolve underlying memories or issues that may be triggering your anxiety.
  2. Work on any beliefs you may have about your ability to be calm and not anxious.
  3. Replace any internal negative-self talk with a positive opposite
  4. Create an  anchor that can boost your confidence subtly and powerfully in the situations in which you may currently experience anxiety.
  5. Learn how to use your powerful  imagination, seeing, hearing and feeling yourself being full of confidence.  

Some common questions that you might have about our programme.

What is Anxiety? 




Anxiety  is nothing more than an emotion, a very powerful and at times all-consuming emotion but it is just an emotion none the less.  You are human and because of this you will expereince a range of emotions during the course of a day. To have a touch of anxiety day to day is a normal and that is exactly what we want. When Anxiety is the only emotion you feel every day and  when you cant focus, breath properly, have panic attacks, anxiety attacks, close yourself off from the world and look at yourself and don't recognise who you are any more then it is time to change,it`s time to take the Anxiety and destroy it from the inside out and change how we live our life.


How does it Work?




The first thing to say is that you are made for change, it's a part of being alive, you can change, what it takes is desire and action. Desire ALONE to not experience Anxiety any longer will not work.  It will go away when we  change how we think, feel and behave. The Breakthrough Anxiety programme goes to the very root of the Anxiety and using the most powerful part of your mind the Unconscious, we eradicate, remove and replace it with a much healthier, happier behaviour. Using cutting-edge forward-thinking methods of NLP and Hypnotherapy we get to access and remove anxiety right at the very core.


Will it work for me?



Each and every one of us is different and Anxiety effects and manifests itself in many different ways. We work with the clients needs first and foremost and offer a  free consultation to come in have a chat and see if we are the right for you.  Please be aware that whilst we give you 100% effort and skill, we can’t guarantee a success as results may vary from person to person. In fact, we suggest running a mile from therapists offering guarantees. All we ask is for you  to have is  the want and desire to change and be anxiety free, as long as you have that we can work with it, build on it.